Product Design

This company has dozens of professionals undertaking product development, die set design and manufacture and is able to satisfy a service chain from product develoment, die set design to die set manufacture. It has advanced process, complete equipments, including manufacture equipments of whole set die sets such as numerical control processing center(CNC)and thread cutting machines. Sizes of our products can be controlled within RMA A1 tolerance standard of American rubber industry.

Fornular Design

Employing several senior engineers and excellent formula experts by high salary, this company is technologically strong;and able to design formula of rubber according to customer demands.

Such as:polyfluoroprene, fluorin silicon rubber, silicon rubber, polyurethane rubber, methacrylate rubber, second-third rubber, butyl, chlorosulphonation polyvinyl adhesive, hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber, natural gum, sequential 4-rubber, acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber and rubber-plastic and so on.

Suppliers of raw materials selected by us are all famous enterprise at home or abroad, e.g. Japanese Toshiba Company and Koshinetsu Company, German Weikai, American GE Company and German Baier, etc. Materials of superior properties offer guarantees to produce high-quality products.