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[2018-5-30 ]

five days tour in Beijing

      Spring outing in May, a radiant and enchanting spring scenery comes into view.  BOOM organized five days tour in Beijing for best staffs on May 15, 2018 .                                                                                                     

      In a few days, we have visited many famous scenic spots such as the Great Wall, the Palace Museum, Tiananmen Square, Bird's Nest, Beihai Park and so on, in which the natural scenery of ghosts and crafts is appreciated, and the edification of history and culture is also felt. In the process of playing, everyone relaxed their body and mind, opened up their horizons, and at the same time, the cohesion of the team was further enhanced.
     The activities of the Party branch were also held at the same timeof which the gist is "The Party and the Workers should build together and strive for superiority first, without dishonor the Mission". 

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