"The golden chrysanthemum is extremely beautiful, and the osmanthus is fragrant and the flowers are competing" The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, In order to welcome this happy day and carry forward the traditional culture of  China also to thank for staff’s hard work, BOOM Group has prepared the Mid-Autumn Festival welfare for everybody. On the afternoon of September 23, the labor union and the administrative department delivered warm-hearted Mid-Autumn Mooncakes and Delunsu Pure Milk to everyone in advance. Full moon were reunited!


Date: Sep 29,2020

       Recently the temperature rised a lot , bring a lot of serious test to our employees who stick to positions in the frontline. Afternoon of August 14, Mr. Zhang Renping, the general manager of BOOM Company and the chairman of the trade union, cordially visit the staff that working hard in the high temperature line and personally delivered the condolence items to the staff.

       The "sending cool and refreshing" activity fully reflects the company's "people-oriented" development concept, as well as reflects the concern and care of the company and the trade union to employees. It can not only improve the cohesion and cohesion of employees, but also better protect the safety of the production.

        At the afternoon of August 21, BOOM company also sent heat relief products to the frontline employees, too.

Date: Aug 31,2020

             《The regulation of zhejiang electric bicycle》regulation since from July 1, 2020 request the "electric bicycle driver and the carried people should wear helmets." Hangzhou New Insight Plastic Products Co., LTD., one branch of BOOM Group, keeps up with the development of time and develops and produces electric bicycle helmets. Within two months completed the work from mold design to mold production till to helmet production.

              Helmet with new style and varises colors, breathable and fresh, suitable for wearing in four seasons. Also passed the fall down resistance testing. At present, the helmets that have been put into production come in a variety of colors such as light pink, peach red, yellow, purple, white and black. Meanwhile, the helmets can be customized with logo and colors to meet the needs of different consumers for colors.

             Sword front from sharpen out, plum blossom incense from the bitter cold. BOOM Group will continuing make efforts to develop more and more new products to adapt the development of this era.

Date: Jul 31,2020

        “Wormwood growing up in front of the hanging, fan of zongzi incense tip.” For more than two thousand years, Dragon Boat Festival is peculiar to this kind of feelings and spirit, never change... In order to carry forward the national spirit, inherit the Traditional Chinese festivals,on the morning of June 17th, BOOM company carefully prepared the holiday gift -- Wufang Zhai Wufang Jin Cheng gift box for all employees,gift distribution site, laughter, when the gift received happiness in words!

Date: Jun 23,2020

            On June 4,BOOM organized the first debate competition of the sales center. After the game starts, the debaters on both sides launched a fierce debate around the topic of "the second half of the business is not good". During the debate, the contestants still showed their poise, always smiling and talking. Good demeanor, excellent eloquence, agile thinking of the audience for it, applause constantly, it fully shows that our sales center staff have good debate ability, logical thinking ability and communication ability.

Date: Jun 23,2020

           May 21, 2020 at 11:18 a.m, The project department of AnHui Boom Auto Parts Co.Ltd. site flags fluttering, an elegant style, everywhere permeated with a warm atmosphere. In the deafening sound of firecrackers, the leaders of the project of AnHui Boom Auto Parts Co.Ltd., and the representatives from all sides of the project construction gathered together, jointly witnessed the grand occasion of the commencement of the project of AnHui Boom Auto Parts Co.Ltd. The tall pile driver kicked into action, it indicates that boom group has taken a new step in the process of growth.

Date: May 29,2020

          After the outbreak of a novel coronavirus,the company attaches great importance to the establishment of epidemic prevention and control working group;scientific prevention and control, ready for the safety of the resumption of work;overall arrangement, adhere to the company's internal security prevention and control,and in the company's internal bulletin board and nail platform to release epidemic prevention tips。The situation is not yet fully stabilized,the company has always insisted on taking the temperature of the employees every day and distributing masks.

Date: Apr 28,2020

         The Spring Festival,because of an outbreak,everything is different。In this spring of march, in this special festival, to thank the majority of female workers for their hard work, express their love,under the premise of actively dealing with the new coronavirus, xingda company carefully prepared and distributed holiday benefits for everyone.

        The company in the purchase of gifts in the spirit of practical, value for money principle, as far as possible to meet the needs of female employees. Female employees of all departments receive gifts in an orderly manner,since it is the goddess festival, how little to get our dear men to pay? Epidemic merciless, the world has love. In this beautiful festival, xingda company wishes the company all female workers happy holidays, youth forever!

Date: Mar 20,2020