New Scenery Naxiang Sunshine, good news in the year spread thousands of people; quickly open the door to welcome 100 blessing, happy cut red plum do window flowers. The footsteps of the New Year is getting closer and closer, the flavor of the New Year is getting stronger and stronger; In order to thank all the staff for their hard work in the past year, as well as express the love and care for all the staff, let the staff spend a peaceful Spring Festival.  On the afternoon of January 14,2020, Xingda company issued generous New Year benefits to all employees, full of longing for the New Year, to jointly meet the challenges of 2020.

Date: Jan 17,2020

          On December 19, Xingda Trade Union held the Fifth Session of the Fifth Member Congress of the Trade Union. The chairman, members of the trade union, representatives of various trade union groups, and members of the union attended the meeting.

          At the meeting, Xingda Trade Union and each trade union group reported their key work this year, and put forward a work plan for the union in 2020. At the same time, they carried out a democratic evaluation of the work of company leaders, company departments, and party labor groups, and made reasonable suggestions. The chairman of Xingda Trade Union expressed his affirmation that the trade union groups have actively carried out the work of the union group and cooperated with the work of Xingda Trade Union Organization in the past year. The chairman also gave important instructions on the work of Xingda union in 2020.

          In the new year, Xingda Trade Union will make a new face and make unremitting efforts to improve the welfare of its members, and build a hard-working, hard-working, independent problem-solving ability, and more fighting team!

Date: Dec 31,2019

        In this era of convenient online shopping, the chances of shopping in the supermarket to buy real objects are getting smaller and smaller. In order to facilitate employees to purchase materials for people's livelihood, Xingda Company and Century Lianhua Supermarket held a large promotion event within the company on October 29, 2019. The company employees can enjoy the discount of the “11.1” promotion in the supermarket without having to queue up in the supermarket.

        The products on the spot are dazzling, which is complete; the supermarket staff is thoughtful,which is welcoming; the employees are free to purchase, which is convenient; the financial settlement method is simple,which is convenient; the payment methods are various, which is freedom.

        After the employee selects his favorite item in the product list, he can pay the fee by using the work permit balance, WeChat, Alipay, cash, etc. After the payment,the supermarket staff can select the goods and help the delivery according to the needs of the employees. In the employee's smile, the big promotion is successfully ended, and the employees expected the company to organize similar activities again.

Date: Nov 13,2019

        In order to enhance the professional and technical level of employees, Hangzhou federation of trade unions and xingda trade union jointly organize staff skills training . On October 25, 2019, professional teachers were invited to carry out one-day training for employees.

        In the training process, the lecturer vividly elaborated skills, methods and matters needing attention through on-site experience impart, on-site simulation, video teaching, interaction, games, etc., and guided employees to understand and master professional knowledge in a simple way. The lecturer's language is infectious and humorous, which fully arouses the staff's interest in learning and creates a positive learning atmosphere.

        Through this training, the professional skills of employees were improved, which brought more convenient ways for business data processing, improved work efficiency and ways to solve problems. Everyone has expressed their own work has a great help, can be a good use of practice.

Date: Oct 31,2019

           "Moon is the Mid-Autumn equinox, I send greetings to each other". Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, in order to welcome the traditional festival of our country and promote Chinese culture. Morning of September 6, 2019,BOOM Group presents festival gifts to all employees, expressing deep concern and full Mid-Autumn Festival wishes. Let the round moon accompany you and me. The bright moon will take my wishes and blessings to you.

Date: Sep 12,2019

        Recently, the summer heat fumigation, the heat wave hit people. In order to console the front-line operators who stick to their posts under high temperature in summer. On August 1, 2019, General Manager Chen and Vice General Manager Zhang of BOOM Company led relevant staff to organize a high-temperature condolence activity for delivering cool weather in summer.

          The company leaders personally came to every job in the workshop to understand the working conditions and living conditions of the employees, and sent high-temperature condolences to the employees - refreshing drinks and shower gels, and sent a cool and company-led care in the hot summer days.

Date: Aug 19,2019

          In order to ensure the health of employees, create a good working and living environment, and improve employee welfare. In July 2019, BOOM Company organized staff health examination in three batches. At the same time, in order to ensure that qualified employees of the company fully enjoy the physical examination benefits prepared by the company for everyone, employees can choose the appropriate medical examination package according to their actual situation. Physical examination not only enhances employees' attention to their own health, but also makes them more fully aware of their physical condition. It can also achieve “early detection, early prevention and early treatment of diseases.”

          Through the annual health check-up, the staff can timely understand their physical condition, carry out targeted prevention, strengthen physical exercise, and actively participate in the work with a healthy body and mentality to meet new challenges.

Date: Aug 15,2019

       "A hint of coziness, a glimpse of coolness", the hot summer can not stop the rush of the staff. On July 24th, in order to protect the physical and mental health of the employees, Boom Company organized one of the activities of “Summer and Cool”, and each employee was given a high-temperature beverage combination carefully prepared by the company 。

Date: Jul 29,2019