A two-day tour of qiandao lake

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                                          A two-day tour of qiandao lake

       "Bring good ideas, not an old piece of furniture."In order to support the construction of the national hydropower

project, 300,000 compatriots in Chun'an County migrated solemnly, leaving their homes, waving tears and moving to

other places. Today, under the beautiful qiandao lake, countless tears and stories are flooded.From April 26 to 27, 2019,

the company organized employees to go to Qiandao Lake for health tourism.

       The ghost house in the secret land of Qiandao let us release the pressure in our work heartily;Enjoy the savage performance in Savage Valley and breathe the fresh oxygen in the forest;Visiting Chun'an County Museum, the

migration of 300,000 compatriots shocked our hearts;"Do not go to Meifeng Island View, do not know the true face

of Qiandao" let us have a look at the small island feel spontaneously.We marvel at the masterpiece of nature, which is

so ingenious and flawless. Even the vast lake is so beautiful and spiritual.

         Two days passed by, and everybody's idea was still endless. With a little reluctance and a trace of aftertaste, we embarked on the journey back. The activity ended successfully in a happy atmosphere. We look forward to a better year!



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